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Fragment of a video script.

The most critical aspect of video’s power that images appear more far more quickly than the conscious mind can follow.

- Each moment of viewing is a small dream where the viewer experiences a relation with various images. Yet the images move on, leaving that dream world to float and eventually die on its.
- The characteristic of sitcom dialogue is that no statement is followed to its logical conclusion. Rather, an accusation is followed by a further by a further accusation, by turning the accusation back on itself or by a switch in topic.

===> “Why do you riding me about the bloomfield case”

===> “Who are you to question my professional conduct?”

===> “Me question you? You’re the one who...”

Floating, unresolved tension compensates for wooden characters of coming out of nowhere.

- The topic of this show must be media itself by default. This stream of charged images is the most monetized of all forms of intellectual property.

Hollywood’s production of images is an industrial enterprise at the largest scale, akin to or even larger than oil or steel production.

Yet this process serves as a frame wherein the conditions of a life distorted by the spectacle are farmed for their natural images and experiences. Long before reality TV, there has been a tension between the cultivated naturalness which can be coaxed out of an actor and the apparent awkwardness that a “real person” has when you randomly point a video camera at them.

All of us are within the world of the domination of images. The apparent fascination of any of its realms comes most from the camera being pointed in that direction and only later from the massively trained response which the standard image evokes. The brain always wants to find out what is going to happen next.

But even the most grossly manipulative form of imagery, even the simulated hero is not created out of whole cloth but rewoven from the fabric of life.

Here the usual world is boring today. If you step outside of your house or apartment you will see world primarily greased for the wheel of commerce with any of our efforts to live a rich life incidental to the experience. This can be either the drabness of an industrial building or the raw manipulation of a strip mall or nightclub.

Interacting with another live person, we can focus on the process of connection while the information permeates our activity.