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Video Themes And Notes

- Possible video production schemes

It would work much better to have a series of different themed videos than JUST a single clump. A single, unapologetic clump IS good. Just themes as the jumping off point.

The goals should be to “have several in the can” once I start submitting to the cable show. That way I can know what frequency I can do, what .

Anyway, Themes

A.          Film/Video Production - Detournement Stolen Material, TV about nothing, about our own alienation, (overview of what other shows might go more into?)

B.          The Ideology Of News And Nothing Being Possible


A.    The Economic Crisis As The Crisis Of Representation

B.    Reality TV – The Hierarchy Of Fame And The Sensation Of Reaching The Top/Experiancing Reality. Reality TV as atrocity exhibition in the sense of being a thing you can’t turn from since it grabs something within you.


A.    History Of The Rock Star – Ringoslavia (Ringolavia reprise)

B.    History Of The Road Movie – The Realm Of Dream And The Invasion Of Archetypes.

C.    Second String City; Trying To Selling Portland Within The Entertainment World. Oregon as faux-middle class trying to be real middle class – Tanya Harding versus the chick from Boston. The low wages. Portland sold as “livable”. The city of Portland’s support of galleries and small businesses. Artists leveraging zines into “real art” – Portland’s vast “art-schooly” underground. “Let a thousand rock stars bloom” (read the musicians wanted section). The condition of art/entertainment industry.