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Basic Video Script

[black and white video of the Willamette combined with a square in front]

We live in times of absurd fictions. This creates serious conflicts within a personís brain.

In Portland, Today, a fair number of surreal transformations are knocking peopleís lives around without there really being a word for it.


An elephant is sitting in your living room.

Somehow, he didnít come in at any particular time. He never crashed through the door. Maybe he grew there. Maybe simply materialized. Maybe heís there to keep the lion and hyena comfortable.

- The Cold War Has Ended, Yet Nuclear War Is More Likely Than Ever

- The Price Of Real Estate Has Made Us Paupers and Opened Up Unexpect Opportunities

But we wonít to be the oracles of insecurity. Itís just when you see it everywhere, you get the feeling thereís more coming. Something is happening, something is falling down.


Ever notice how television characters never really answer each other?

Each point dialogue is an emotional shot across the bow. In the surge of information, each character must pull the heart-strings harder in different ways.

- [Iíd kill you to get fresh ground coffee]

- [Smoke Auswits cigarettes for the freshest tast]

Television ultimately is boiling doing to a slide-show, a faster and faster sequence of snap-shots.

The ability to suggest space can only point a way


Banality alternates through many forms today.

Just as the landscape move too quickly for us to take it in, the bad jokes, innuendo and hidden insults of Sitcoms are tossed too quickly to argue with their mutilating logic.

The production of moving images is vast industry today, supporting whole cities. But massive complex has failed at what you might would be its interesting aspect, producing things that new.

[Some commercial image of an abstract landscape]

With this vast machinery, the crafting of image streams is virtually stagnant. Everything is faster, clever, more impressive but ultimately more of the same. The pure simulations that are introduced to us do nothing but reproduce the Hollywood craft at a higher level.

Just as every sitcom into the eighties was a variation of the Honey Mooners, every video game is a variation of point and shoot.

[Just about images will do here]

And all of this comes back to the world outside the television

[Back the scene of the street]

Ultimately television is a feed, a scooping up and filtering of stream of image that life generates outside its screen.

The personalities and processes of those who have made the most interesting compromises with power are fascinating.

[Still of movies stars]