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Daily Life And The Crisis


More people are casualized, there is more of a cognitive dissonance between what people experience and the announced condition of economy. Essentially, you have more and more people living a lie. Unemployed people sometimes, business owners always.

The Crisis In Daily Life

·        Massive unemployment with little end in sight
·        Housing costs going through the roof
·        Small businesses which only hobble through by government help
·        More and more people “casualized”, forced or enticed to start independent contractorships. These people wind-up going through their savings and resources

·        On-the-sly government aid supporting different folks – unemployment especially
·        The cost of medical care going up massively as the massive damage of the American lifestyle comes home to more and more people
·        All of these factors exhaust many people’s savings and leave them more vulnerable future shocks
·        Credit is being granted freely and people are spending themselves down into the ground. Sometimes to buy or sell a house, sometimes to maintain a business, sometimes to simply stay afloat, sometimes to maintain an image or illusion.
·        The workforce is becoming less skilled, productive activity is moving away from the US. With production decreasing, productive workers have less leverage.
·        The collapse of pension funds and 401K plans.
·        A rush to refinance homes and buy new house. This will likely saddle investors with considerable debt.

These are all things that people are experiencing right now.

It is harder today when there is no recognition of the desperate straights of people. There is a “recovery” which is entirely invisible for not just most people but most industries.