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When The Chickens Come Home...

The present economic collapse is not a mistake or the product of a few people’s greed. The present collapse is the product of a system whose lies finally caught up with its power. The average person today is waking up to the realization that we aren’t “on the verge of the recovery”, we’re on the verge of a massive depression.

And even this is only the beginning of all the chickens that are currently coming home to roost.

Just think;

·       America imports more than 75% of the resources which “we” (mostly yuppies) consume. With the end of the Stock market and US dollar Ponzi scheme, these resources will no longer be available

·       More than 60% of American do entirely unproductive “service sector” jobs which create nothing to aid in survival. The productive activity that does happen today has been done to keep the unlimited consumption bubble going. This is gross distortion means very few jobs actually help our survival.

·       From George W. Bush on down, America’s leaders have shown themselves to be greedy stooges of the most corrupt interests imaginable. Without the slightest idea what a mess complete mess things have gotten to, they can only imagine ways to save their wealthy friends.

The only way to salvage a life worth living is for we ordinary working and (soon to be) poor people to take direct control of our lives.

·       Refuse to allow your house to be foreclosed, refuse to allow your neighbors house to be foreclosed.

·       Occupy the job sites that will soon be closing.

·       Monitor The Situation

·       If Bush proposes massive repressive measures, meet at Pioneer Square (Or other city centers).

Be prepared to make history. Obviously this flyer isn’t meant say everything we can and must do. Act for yourself.

With The Collapse.....