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It is worth remembering that news can use language that only half relates to the world. If someone is described as a “conspiracy theorist” or “extremist”, it is unlikely that many readers will actually go to their experience and ask themselves what is or isn’t extreme or what is or isn’t conspiracy. If pressed on extremism, the average person will most likely repeat a short speech boiling down to “moderation in all things”.

Just as much, you will here arguments against welfare that mention the creation of a “dependent of class of people” yet such arguers never look at corporate ants and the mass of wealthier social parasites who would functionally qualify as a “dependent class” as well.


“The spectacle is a drug for slaves. It is designed not to be taken literally, but to be followed from just out of reach; when this separation is eliminated, the hoax is revealed.” The Situationist International, The Decline and Fall of the
Spectacle-Commodity Economy


In spectacular relations, the grand language used is not intended to be considered very closely but followed at a distance. But this is situation is supplemented by the way that many people lack experience in living and do not realize this lack. If a particular person is described as “cut-off from the world,” those whose only experience is to be cut-off from humanity but harnessed to the television, must simply confabulate a meaning for this.


In anycase, such non-understanding is quite instructive. The balance of incompetence, ignorance and lies allows virtually explanation to be offered for such-and-such event. September 11th is naturally the prime example for all of this now. But certainly, ignorance is necessary for anyone to believe that one of these scenarios is more comforting than another. Moreover, consider what is means to assume one of these aspects was the active principle in the WTC attack. You could say lies predominate, various high authorities had a hand in it. But by that token, incompetence and ignorance had to still prevail throughout the bureaucracy to a large extent. And the same reasoning would have to be followed for incompetence and ignorance.


Business publications have discussed the situation of various businesses whose fraudulent operations were becoming increasingly apparent. These publications would in the same breath mention “the recovery,” parroting the standard line concerning the victorious march of this beast and even claiming “the recession was short and mild”. Stock phrases are certainly as descriptive and accurate as the Stalinist terms “Trotsky fascist wreckers”. That writings today uncritically repeat these terms without the least coercion, shows their bland non-thinking concerning the conditions of today.


The falsification which is now officially acknowledged in corporate income statements can remain incognito when it appears as a government statistic. And naturally, the falsification of income statements in packaged within the euphemism of “accounting irregularities”.