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Welcome to the “Recover-cession”

Where the economy does great and you are fucked

Some Terminology For The New Era

One-horse-shay effect: The mythical one horse shay was built so that each part was exactly as strong as each other part. This way is couldn’t break, only fall to pieces utterly. The system simulates the one-horse shay. The system is falling apart at some point. By weaken any way that people might take as an out, you can keep ignoring the weak point; the prop-up the dollar, you weaken gold. To keep people from complaining about the election, you show them terrorism, etc.

Professional-Casual: The professional who really only exists because whole industries have been devastated. Those who say they’re professional to not admit they’re simply unemployed.

Alterno-Scam: What was once taken as an “alternative lifestyle” is now the only thing that keeps people from starving. The strategies of college students, like couch surfing, are spread through every part of society.

Dot-comISM, the Rolling Crisis: The Crisis And The Bubble Travel from sector to sector in the economy, taking out or pumping up different career types and making different things unavailable. Real estate dealers are in, computer programmers are out today.

Death March - Bad Money After Bad – The Sleep Of Damned:  Those who continue a doomed enterprise knowing that it cannot be sustained yet not having any idea what they could do instead.

A Thousand Dilberts: A corporatized world that becomes non-functional at the same rate that it become “organized”.

Lie-Capital: Deceptions And Unsustainable schemes which large and small enterprises.

The Assimilated: Those who still can believe statements they simultaneously know are lies.

The Nuclei: Those who can admit that all the lies except those they benefit from. A person goes from being in the assimilated to being in the nuclei to actually seeing the world.

The Background Radiation Of Resistance: Resistance to policy and plans which cannot be voiced, even by those who do the resisting.

[I’m] Keeping it apart: Having all the pieces of the modern puzzle together and working to keep them from coming together in your mind.

Down the Rabbit Hole, Opening Heaven’s Gate: Acting on the absurd beliefs of the era. The assimilated are force to go down the rabbit hole.

Rate Of Deception: The rate at which a person can keep ignoring the rate at which life gets worse.


Fool-gambits: “You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, red-haired people on Thursdays, skin-divers in the morning, hmm, what’ll it be, what fool-gambit do you want to play?”