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Further Notes

Meaning on the level of Praxis




The perspective that negative thoughts are necesarry to maintain correct behavior is the foundation of autocratic control.


The opperations of this society certain reduce humans to minimal, simplified conditions. This is the definition of the inorganic.


The conditions of the extension of the quantitative is the reduction of the qualitative to minimal conditions.


Ruthless, pure competition, as opposed to complex inter-relations, is a product of modern society rather than nature.







Our larger perspective is to situate our in such a way to be in harmony with the larger flow of history.


This is historical inevitability in Hegalian terms and an extension of an aligned "time line."


This is just as much a matter of valuation.

History being the ultimate value means finding out what happens.





In our methodologies, we will be using economics, cybernetics and linguistics.

Each of these has a wide reach, especially when considered as descriptive systems. Still, the most interesting effects can be found when we consider the boundaries between the different systems.



Economics And Mind


We can classify all the quantitative, persistant values as being economic, exchange oriented.


Just as much, the economic is what allow





Here many of the methodologies of NLP reside.


Also, here reside all the external problems of identity. Computer security, problems of who to trust with the world of anonymous enterprises.


Economic - linguistic

We can classify both the spectacle with this bounds as well as the demonstrations of the fundamental richness/immeasurability of most-capitalist society.


Economic - cybernetic


With this comes all the conflicts of labor as liquid substance versus labor as specific






Ant - Morality

Moralism might be defined as a fixed set of negative motivations. The counter-part of these motivations is the assumption of the rational actor with a definable set of motivations.











Language and materialism.


Humans live within language and within sensory experiance just as they live within their material constructions. Our material conditions is where we begin.

But the material around us is more than simply a guide, a cause of our activity. It is also an effect. Buildings and the landscape, especially within modern society, are a product of human activity.

Thus our thoughts, processes and actions in an interchange with the physical world.


Language also is created by human activity. The degree of changes varies by conditions naturally. But both individual word associations as well the effects of words are collective product of human activity.

No human by themselves can create a language and all humans currently require language to survive (whether that was always the case is different and not as relevant matter).



History And Physicality


Humans, especially the human self, may exist in language. But they also exist within all sensory experiance.

Or since senory experiance is also experiance of the physicality of the world, humans exist within their transformation of the world.


But this entire transformation process is set within layers and rhythms of history. A physical being is both product of biological evolution and the evolution of human civilization.


Human physical movement tends to ground our activity more than language.






Meaning Transformed

How meaning within human interaction is mapped onto a filtering, feedback, and play system as human activity interacts.

Everything that is said can be project into an act on a social arena.


Just as much, the circulation of words, actions and images, creates effective meaning only within itself. This not on the basis of everything is statement about things. But rather meaning existing through association and association existing through the larger dynamic of play.



Mutual circulation of language as a system of interchanging axes of rotation.


On the level of the individual, language constitutes a system of infinite dimensional transformation. And human social intercourse allows this condition. Different worlds are all close at hand when using logical transformation expression.


Creativity as quality and quantity.


Human beings opperating on each other need to have both the ability to transform each other and the ability to create a distance, a terrain on which those transformations are placed.


Contrast a pure informal interaction or an interaction of sarging with the interaction of using, building on another person ideas.


Machinery constitutes a path. A path in terms of a number manipulations required to get from here to there. Standard and anti-standard like the standard required to create computer program.












Human are language using, social animals

Language and Production

There is no absolute divide language and tools.


The activity of speech involves the specific labor required to maintain the meaning of particular words and complex relations between the two. Language is alive in this sense.


Language does not create human categories or thinking. The two are co-evolved.




The Illusion of the atomized, rational individual

The Play of symptoms, of weakness, within


All language is a tonality, ment to be copied and fed-back to it's original source. It is simultaneously a logico-production, meant to be transformed.


The echoing and feedback side of language is not in terms of any fixed meaning but happens in a play of symbols, a play of correspondences. Feedback within a servo-controller-system creates a stability of correspondences. This ulitmate point of stability is determined by an initial series of calibrations. Now this aspect of communication happens within the entire spectrum of communication.


The operation of logical deduction/semantic processing de-stabilizes feedback systems. Feedback systems have a point of stability determined by the creation of "compound states" and quatitative variation out of multiple states. Stable, unconscious fugues.


Logical deduction and similar opperations of awareness create an stability within this process. Naturally, it must be able to affect a large enough part of the system to have an impact.

Paradoxical response.

Logical deduction begins with association - X associated in memory with Y. Association and paradoxical response are necesarrily linked. Rather than echo the input, the association must determine existence of a phenomenon - which is a step function rather than a curve. And step functions imply points of paradoxical response.

Create Consciousness

Internal feedback and internal logical operation. For full computation, you need associative memory plus the feedback of memory within the organism, the logical operation on these fedback sensations and the ability to suppress association. Indeed, pure computation, mathematical or deductive, naturally leads to a quick dead-end, a stable point even stabler than pure feelings.


Indirect Methods Of Modifying behavior

These are method for achieving a behavior outside a person's conscious circle of possibilities or beyond their ability to accomplish with conscious will.


It should be noted that "strength of will" is a terms that gives an illusion concerning the ability of immediate intentionality to accomplish a task.


Psycho-sphere - The corespondence between tone and motion.

A phrase like "almost.. yes" and "better, better..." The brain creates corespondence between tone and physical positioning.


I would hypothesize that there is an at-least a normal "psycho-sphere" - a sphere describes the natural corespences correspondences of sensations.


Up: coresponds to in-breath and an upward motion and towards independence of consciousness.

Down: coresponds to out-breath, downward motion, and towards openness/dependence of consciousness.


The entire merridian chakra/meridian system can be interpretted this sensory lead-follow freedback system. A lead-follow system involves variables that are tied together - each will follow the other.






Fugue Access


All of the indirect methods of access take advantage of the dual processes of logic, the choice to represent/not-represent.

From NLP language patterns to Alexander, these system colide syntactic processes with servo-processes. Alexander opperates syntactically on the controlling language.


Fugue Power


A great work of art, a moving situation,



Socially constructed filters, actions and processes

Fields of view of pigmies, movie goers and other such.


Socialized Fugue Access


In relation to a single individual, fugue techniques introduce possibilities beyond immediate control systems.


At the same time, exitation/release the cycles on the larger level can serve to maintain the entire situation or not.

The contrast of a riot versus rock concert. The question whether the change in a system's part is sufficient to create a change in the whole systems arrangement.


Exitation energy in the entire human organism and it's mediation. Every system could be said to have an energy field (with field defined differently than conservation field - rather a system with natural troughs and orbits).




Pragmagraphics - Meaning, Praxis and problems

Three levels of unconscious - resources and possibilities.


Reflexive activities, lowest level

Habits  - mid level

Conscious intent - high level


Conscious intent usually moves in harmony with habit. Indeed, the person normally convinces themselves that what they in the




How the mind ultimately does not care about individual problems or individual survival.

The power of indirect methods for solving particular problems of existence.

The power of sold problems, of beliefs which limit possibilities.

We can each win the lottery but we can't all win the lottery. We may each have a choice of roles - that being winner or loser, but we can't all have a choice of roles.

The econo-field. Economy as the meta-frame that humans face history in. And stepping out of that frame.


Measures of progress.

Unlimited Increase, Qualitative or Quantative

Improvement, betterment, lift, achieve

Unlimited Quantative Increase

Enrich, become wealthy, progress, advance, gain, "make strides" (other spatial analogies), forward

Motion towards a limited quantitative or qualitative end

To refine, To Perfect, To achieve a goal,

Qualatative Change without limit

Revision, refinement, development, elaborate, beautify, embellish

Change away from a single bad situation

correction, amelioration, recovery,

Qualitative change towards a single, corrective goal. End, to regain a former level. 

mend, fix, regain,







Dilema of Capital And The Unconscious

The highest, most empty chunks always have the power to really bamboozle person.

People need to distance themselves everything expressed merely as a big chunk. This is the "glitering generalities" of conventional "propaganda analysis." (Of course, propaganda analysis has never described the mechanics of glittering generalities).


The Spectacle. Identity is really powerfully determined by advertising. A vast amount of unconscious process depends on the reflected process of the spectacle.

Advertising research is the most immediate statement that activity is being determined by information.

Humans as highly social, highly interlated creatures is another key factor.


3) Forced-participation and the unconscious tendency to justify.

Advice and "what should I do now." Ah, when something happens, we don't have a choice other that to react with something else. Everything from being locked in hotel room

Theories of total personal indepence, i.e., do anything to make money (or get sex/get relationship/autonomy/control) are just unlikely as theories of conservation of immaginary emotional forces. I.E. crying should be in proportion to hurt felt - anyone who acts well when their lover is must be sick some opposite way.

Both approaches are false.

Now, can it be said things can't really be put in terms of each being partly true, that people are related in a very tight web but one having little quality of conserving forces? Certainly you could have system of relation that requires changes in several elements to get anywhere but doesn't require exchange of conserved forces.