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Duesberg, Harris, and Root-Bernstein.


The AIDS puzzle is crucial one. we want to find a perspective that takes all the evidence into account while not being attached to any conclusion not merited by the evidence.


1) Medical science has always a dubious though not entirely unscientific field. The value of any of it's cures has been spotty.

The most obvious and unquestionable cures have been anti-biotics and vecines. Surgery is undoubtly an attainment but one ask whether it was historicaly created by science or an art taken up by medical science.

Other measures also haven uncertainty to them. Unlike physics, medicine always deals with a moving target.


2) Drug companies and the prevalance of drug research conditions a tremendous amount of the research that goes on.


3) The concept of a epidemic is always flawed, never as complete as it seem. An epidemic is fueled by the beliefs of it's victims. And it's pretty hard not to have beliefs when terrible thing are happening all around you.