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The Manual Of Immorality

Introduction And Topics



The attitude of cheerfulness is key in a world in which uncertainty has become universal.


Two seemingly contradictory goals.

I aim for a book which teaches usable skills and a book which encourages people to exceed, critically examin and play with the ideas.

These are both critically necesarry given the conditions of today.

We aim to understand this enough to be able to modify, reject and extend it's various parts.



Practical Topics


Maps of the world and measures of importance.
Rhythm and measure of energy


Teaching versus preaching

The preachers of the world call-on people to change their behavior without offering the slighest way to do it. A teacher provides tools that can be used to accomplish the goals he outlines.

Teaching versus collaborating

Of course, the transformation of society is not the same as laying bricks. We for collaboration as learning.


Using the fallicities that are already within you as a part of being human

They say that understanding many of these things can take a lifetime. Fortunately, you are alive so you have that possibility.


We will be using, leveraging those qualities of being living human being when dealing with world that is already transforming.


Analysis of bureaucratic speech
Analysis of metaphysical economy -

"these are deep problems - look deeper and deeper and you'll see the need get a deep excuse to stay exactly where you are.

Using questions to create attitudes and resources - harnessing the imagination.
The unbelief frame
Beliefs as internal, verbally-driven, feed-back loops.


The activity of using senses directly and noticing internal dialogue directly can loosen the power of a given belief.


Imagine beliefs as no longer fixed in either your


The dissociation/abstraction frame.
Understanding statistics and their limits.
Science versus the scientific method verus understanding.


There is no scientific proof that the only true things are those demonstrated by the scientific method.



Self-interest, institutions and the recycling of ideas.
The anti-morality frame - why shouldn't people enjoy the heck out of all of their experiances.
Pain is being something that can be installed easily by others, by institutions. Morality as the framework that specifically aids the
The economy of morality - you must pay for each gain, for each pain, for everything.
How people make their decisions in good state, how people general make better decisions around their "should nots" than around their "have-to's." And how we can keep that state of "hey, why not"
Hegal: The frame of getting the truth of a closed system from within the system itself.
Marxian -
Wage Labor and the relation of exchange
The organization and mis-organization of time,
How people ultimate goals are tied to capital's economy of death.
How to instead get to a state of "right now"
Critique of Buddhist "long progression towards enlightenment".




History And Trance

Are we here to create new things, forgetting what has gone before. Are we here to lose a dead weight of configured facts?


Are we here to remember the ancient order of having an authentic connection to the far past and the far future?


Is technology a configuration or machines or a change in human existence? Were the meditation techniques of ancient india the first technologies?


Or is what we really the shamanic exorcisms that can banish the demons of the present era?


To remember or to forget? Awake or in trance? Do we have any choice about history robbing stupor of the television or the stupifying history of lies that sarrounds us?

No one can stop anything from being possible right now. Only your ideas about it need to expand.






Psychologists & Spies


The specialty of psychology no doubt



Satisfaction and mental technology


The refusal of this society to satisfy needs rests on the need for human to remain desperate.


Altogether, the contrast between control systems and inherent skill varies over a wide range. There are some areas where more and more possibilities open up - though here there are still few times when they are realized.

Other situations involve a distinct decline in even basic skills.


"Technologies Of Human Potential" are certainly among the oldest of systematic methods (a slightly narrower category than any activity of specialist). Ancient Indian methods of meditation cover perhaps as wide a range as all modern methods.

And these can be effective for many things.


Certainly, modern society has given raise to further contribution to thse methods.


A key aspect of this involves how any of these method moves a person from specific to general ability. General ability is not actually useful for the organization of capital - the skills sought are at best specialized ability.








Authority, Fantasy, Language




"I should X,"

"I want to X,"

"I need to X,"

"I hate to X,"

"I love to X,"

"I will X,"

"I am going X,"


And Authority roles in life

- Parents, teachers, adults,

-Anti-authority; bad kids, dirty old man,


And internal voices

- Tonality, location


And phantasies of different sorts.

- Domination, submission, dissociation, malapropism (shoes)


Action Frames


Different schemes to reach immediate actions


Push-pull. Take-aways. Propulsion mechanisms.


What would it be like to have your entire practice be a propulsion mechanism


Imagination versus conscious intent

Forget about anything else

Imagining times of the world shifting.

From Conscious incomptence to bare ability

Depending on the activity, this can unconscious competence or conscious competence.

Going to the other side of a brick wall.

Imagining ways inwhich the meaning of something can shift.

 Stepping away from "trying/effort" and allowing your unconscious to take direction.











All of these seem to be very much imprinted at a point where someone is extremely vulnerable. It might be seen as the protection from images playing within a person's head of very scary things.






Things that satisfy needs are inherently subversive. The princeple of any mass production is keep people needy in every possible way.

What would it be like to have needs fully fullfilled, to be able to look at the world from the point of view of fullfillment.





Strategy For Abstraction


One insight in this piece: you could a verbal statement deleted if you cannot describe a visual strategy for determining its truth. Square could involve matching with an ideal square - even here degrees of matching are tricky. But "near" is distinctly undefined, while X is nearer Y than Z is a pretty definite quality.



1) Teach dissociation.

- Balance yourself, release your neck, head forward and up, spine lengthening and widening, spin back from the head and hips released. Don't actually do that, just imagine what having done that would be like.

- Observe yourself looking at a number of tables, each of which happen to be square.


2) Create a clear acetate image of a square and have it move up and down to determine whether something is square.

3) Now imagine yourself creating lots of visual tools to determine different

4) Explain the idea of strategies. Ellicit their truth strategy. Now have them imagine using the clear square by making larger and smaller and moving it around to decide whether something is square, then being to feeling "yes, this square" or say to themselves "yes, this is square".

5) Back to observing yourself seeing several tables.

Now observe how leaning forward makes you move into images of the tables while moving back takes you away. Consider how making images sharper, clearer and more colorful makes them more "real" - moving pictures are the one which you tend to jump into the most. On the other hand, the clear, diagram type picture are the pictures you can move around easily, place on top of other pictures easily and can your dissociated tools easily.

Now what would it be like if whenever you happened to need it, you could have two different you's looking at something. One would be seeing exactly what was there, the other that look at it with one of these clear acetate over-lays.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to sort things really quickly using that kind of thing.








The Economy Of Change


Getting someone to change in a way that actually gives them more power and more enjoyment is usually easier than you think.


Getting someone to change in a way that doesn't really improve them and isn't what they want is generally hard than you think.

But if you hear about how hard it is to change someone, generally it's because someone with a lot of money is paying to get someone ELSE changed. Now, that's the key to religion.


Look at the way the economy works. There's no incentive for a company to train their factory workers to have the skills of their president. Who would do the factory work then.


So when a company is just renting their workers, the company doesn't want to increase the raw potential of their workers. They want new particular behaviors, that what most corporate training is about.


There are trainings that give you umph, that really can make just totally unlimited in your potential. But since someone like is worth much on the market, while would any company want create that in their employees - saleries would go up the roof. You might think they'd sell more products too - but you've got to look at the upside and down part of this.


Now, people mistake money for you are worth. Just remember that money is simply the mediocrity you are worth, money is how hard it is for someone else who is a complete idiot to convince another complete idiot that he did the same job you did. This is Marxism and I shouldn't be telling you this.


You have unlimited. But don't waste your unlimited potential on the future. Just remember that the future has no future, it's already done.

You can have unlimited potential right now - we could be having really pleasant, good sex right now. The possibilities are not "out there," they are with other human beings. The world could be really pleasant right now.


You can experiance really amazing things right now. Imagine if every city block of a city organized it's own amusment part. Imagine if everyone competed on what an absolutely surprising experiance they could give each other.


You know what's so powerful about the internet is that it's less about interacting with computers and more about creating a framework where people can interact in the most flexible way possible. It's got this double or even triple-edge sword thing going with it.

Human beings are the most killer application of all. But realize everything your doing seems like it's creating but really it's remapping, just adding a different measure to an existing finite space.

[Teaching topology ]


What's amazing is people who say they "don't have a lot of time right now" - well, right now always consists of the same time amount, it always consists of all the time in the world because it's never some other than right now.








Lack of money is the root of all evil.


What do we mean by a future that has no future?

A lottery where the only prize is more lottery tickets.








One tactic we use is to say those which are true and which no other person beside a revolutionary can say openly. If we chisel out statements which hit exactly to the heart of the matter, it is not merely by good fortune or good intention. We are utilitizing tools which have been accumulating for a period of time. Some these are available within revolutionary contexts, others have obscure origins.

- See bibliography.


In creating formulations, in creating language which expresses the intentionally hidden nature of life today, we must abstract, we must create generalizations which invite the readers mind to distinguish the actual fact, which allow the read to apply things their concrete conditions.


Bureaucratic language, bureaucratic opperations, also rely on abstractions. What is the difference?


We can contrast our methods by noting that tactic begins with the reply, the modification, to the present situation. The conditions of bureaucracy move it more and more in the opposite direction. Bureaucracy must pronounce while all but the most profunctory replies.

Bureaucratic language essentially aims to maintain sleep. If the absolute, unquestioned categories of this society are it's bullwork, bureaucracy is always an attempt to mobilize the entire bullwork for the defense of a part.

Our activity essentially begins with individual and collective self-created power.


Formally, in language, there is a middle ground of language that questions some but not all or not the right, assumptions. Let us not confuse this with the possibility of a practice which can do the same.







Expanding consciousness


Enlightenment is very easy. You can expand your consciousness with anything within the border of thinking and acting - breathing, language of conception versus language of experiance.

The trick is, what will consciousness expand into?

Expanding a single person's consciousness is the letting go of fixed, intentional approaches.


Ideals of expanding consciousness are being in harmony with larger orders of existence. To be in harmony with a historical period, a moment, a lifetime. And it is very worthwhile being consciously aware and clear about what aspects, what periods, what activities are truly valuable for being in harmony with.


Expanded consciousness is a key aspect of attaining congruety. The point of congruety is allowing your entire being to move with the thrush of a single idea. To unify words, meaning and physical action into a single sweep of action requires one to step back from simple word construction and verify that one's total activity can actually take one to the goal.


Attaining congruity in the creation of authentic new relationships is a key aspect of revolutionary activity. To be truly radical requires one to go to the root of a situation.






An Energetic Consideration Of Change


One might say that the energetic quality of change is action plus a marginal force of intention.


Now, we would generalize up from the individual activities of a person to their generalized action-orbit by looking those qualities which are constant in their activities.


The action-orbit is what is continually taking palce. Like bodily use, a person's real activity is constantly taking place, influencing them and generally maintaining their standard state.


There are a number of mental states that are stable over a particular action-orbit. And a person can hold other states for shorter times. The trick is the unconscious is an aiming system - is situates a person within their entire process of action. And beliefs and values must be compatible with the possible aims.


NLP and other pieces are best for jumping from one stable state to another. An isolated sexual encounter is another event that can segue into a stable action-orbit.



Now, in a situation of generalized change, a situation where suddenly the future is both uncertain and being created by mutual interaction, cycles of belief are really interesting.






Change Choice and History

A Recipe For Changing Yourself

The simple question-affirmation system



Values, beliefs  and trance-words


The mechanism of word-experiance association.



The trap of choices values


Values of freedom, choice and control giving inchohate results




Truth and lying


> Hello,


> A question that has been recurring over and over in my mind is

> concerning the viability and value of _lying_ for the linguistic

> benefits that it provides. 


That's an interesting question.

Here's another interesting question. If someone's not listening to you, is it possible to lie to them? Ok, now suppose someone is taking everything you say and translating it into some strange giggerish within their mind?


In situation like that, if instead of keeping on saying things that were true in your idea of the world, perhaps it would be sensible to say things that would cause the giggerish translator to malfunction and thus allow the person to hear what you had to say.


This society often protrays actions as being taken by rational actors consciously using factual information. In this kind of situation, being factually exact does seem like the way to act with ethics and integrity.


But once a person looks at what's happening from a point of view other than a rational, static dialogue, the concept of lying becomes very slippery.

And in situations like this, often an "ethics" appears where "honesty" involves a refusal to enter another person's world, a refusal to say things in such a way that they themselves will to a similar conclusion.

- I don't know if you remember the fashion in the late seventies where "being honest with your feelings" was equated with venting them on another person.

- Both "not lying" and "not cheating" are interesting simply because they presume some single, existing, above board dialogue, game and so-forth.

There are indeed situations where this is the case and in those situations, the lying and cheating are BAD. But the point is you have to those situations, you have to decide for yourself which those situations are - though naturally your decisions may be easier to live if they reflect what others think as well.

The all adage "all's fair in love and war" might be a clue as what society as a whole is thinking about things.


If the real situation is that a person's unconscious is propelled to act in different ways by various signals which the conscious mind doesn't appreciate, then how to act with integrity is complex problem.


In "My Voice Will Go With You," there are many descriptions of Erickson affecting "cures" or alleviations of problems without giving the person a conscious understanding of what is going on - sometimes he might lie to the conscious mind, other times he would simply directly address the unconscious without caring about the conscious.

- All of this might be contained under a label of "manipulation" - magic tricks on/with a part of the person they weren't and still might not be aware of.


I personally value conscious understanding - I like having a conscious understanding of my unconscious and would inspire others to get that also.

I actually wouldn't feel all that comfortable with an Erickson-style healing where all my conscious knows is that the problem has gone away. Still, I know enough to know a full conscious understanding of my unconscious is impossible. It would be like stuffing a beach ball into golf ball. Me having respect for my unconscious might actually involve ALWAYS being open to the possibility of something totally unexpected welling up from my unconscious.

- By this token, manipulation, successful communication to my unconscious using methods that distract, confuse, or otherwise by-pass my conscious could be totally "ethical." Naturally, I'd still only appreciate it if it worked.


- But it is important to consider that others may not hold conscious understanding of their unconscious as being a value of any importance. I'm actually much more self-reflective than almost anyone I know.

Many of the


I observe that many people who talk about the need to tell the truth often simply mean that those who are talking with them should be fooling themselves at the same time that they are fooling the person.



> So, ultimately, I'm putting this out there:  When, if ever, is it

> alright to flat-out LIE to your listener to elicit positive change?



I couldn't say what, with certainty, your experiance of flat-out lying is. I would hallucinate that you associate strongly into this experiance through, and tend agree that this has a strong resonnance with most people.


So, I would tend to think that what you call flat-out lying will be something that violates your various values.


So, in anycase, perhaps by exploring the different possibilities for acting ethically while communicating effectively, you will discover a more concrete what "flat out lying" is in your world-view.




The language Of Bureaucracy


The first method of bureaucracy - statement without challenge. All dialogue consists simply of restatement: "Let's start again..." "I have a hard time understanding what these people are protesting...".

This absolutism is possible as a result of centralized control of information distribution on a world-wide basis.




The structure of deletion within psychiatry - language and social position.


The unification of lies, commercial interests, and trademarks. Ideology's system automated.


Plausible deniability - the rolling of logs of lies.




Surprise, Distinct Frames, roles and methods


One of the princeples of obtaining surprising is that you must fully accept and use the immediate material existing conditions before you begin changing their framework and content.

Struggles generally begin around concrete issues and situations. An important aspect is to each moment see a situation both as it is and how it can change. This involves a continual letting go of previous assumptions about what was possible or impossible.


Humans exist within different frames simultaneuously. And appropriate behaviors vary widely depending on the frame.

Given both individual lack of resources and the lack of resources for the formation of effective collective, the ability to form a bridge between different frames is limited as well.


Those situations after a something surprising has happened still are waiting for something more and more. Of course, social revolution against the regime of scarcity is simply one expansion of the surpising, though it is one that necesity has also placed on laps.



The economy is an abstract system that extends towards, at extreme, all the orders of necesity, of scarcity. Bureaucratic language can seen equally within the order - the narative that simply states, without either consistance or dialogue.

Stepping out of a role or frame is key aspect towards the end of the present domination of necesesity, the domination of "enriched poverty," of the economy.

The behaviors of different a people stepping out of a given set of explicit limits will still be governed by larger limitations of each situation.

It is useful to create a language that extends the opposite way from bureaucratic, from the immediate to the total. This language requires agents actually living life, requires people acting on their own to become a tangible force just as bureaucratic language requires passivity and alienation to be credible.


The is inevitable. This happens beyond the logic of any revolutionary program or ideal.We can note the methods that have helped these different rebellions become revolution.

1) Drawing a line between reform and revolution.

2) Leveraging each openning into a further openning.

3) Projecting a narative that unifies all the distinct aspects of openness into a complete counter-fabric.

4) Exposing unified lies of the present society in such a way that it cannot quickly recover.

We can do these activities consciously. The key aspect of the counter-narative is understanding of the unity of the present system.


It is key to understand within all this, revolution is medicine, it not food. Our day-to-day activity can include as much revolt as we can manage.

In the frames of the day-to-day, conditions and reasoning of poverty can be escaped absolutely in the case of an individual. This is distinct from reaching the realm of revolt but may achieve it.


Inspiring upwellings of desire, of possibility and so-forth can certainly be done.


Given that escaping the bounds of economization happens in a series of mutually contradictory directions, we ourselves do not aim to only create upwellings of desire only through an explicit conscious statement of a complete program - though this has it's advantages.

Instead, beyond a total statement, we make a material summary of the opportunities available and act on these.








Beyond Habits

The Questionable Value Adventure

Revolutionary Ecstacy


The numerous situations within which all existing beliefs are shattered, inwhich new behaviors beyond the





Unlimited Revolution


There is a single ball that is in-motion. We do not stop to ask if we have played well or badly, we simply continue to move after the ball, continue this competition. It will not cease to move except in so-far as life ceases. We use respect, contempt, love, cunning and all methods within this game. We do not care ultimately to be remembered or to remember those who played well, we only care to keep the ball moving.


The most obvious peaen's to the SI have the quality of a completed NLP-strategy. An Idea (V-A) to a Feeling (K) and stops.


We have no the technology to see clearly the implication of this circumspection. And unlike the SI or other avanta gard, our strategy is neither "constructive" in the sense of tolerating or "destructive" in the sense of unleashing chaos or confusion without a complehension of the entire path.

- Disrupting any usual strategy of acceptance is a key aspect but seeing the entire world of the motion is the only way to approach this swamp armed - and above all revolutionaries need appropriate arms and training.


The progress of this society has ipso facto remained only in the rearrangement of social interaction. In the creation of situations, in the progression of the technology of human interactions it has remained still-born if not detrimental. And ironically, we have the resources unlike the SI, for the production of anti-utopian situations.

The SI limited it's concept of Spectacle to the idea of representation. The fundamental quality of production is representation, control and transformation.

And capital's abstract circulation within all of these






"I'll feel what I see about it"



Our task is revolution as theater, seduction as theater, not at the simple level but the profound, strategic level, at the level of mastering the transition between seemingly intrackable qualities.

In theater, the creation and manipulation of characters, of frames, is crucial within the entire milleau.


Being honest at the level of tools, being honest at the level of letting out the methods and systems of manipulation is part of our activity. Indeed, done right it is part of our manipulation.


Expanding consciousness always requires a purpose to fill that consciousness. This can be seen from an understanding of meta-mathematics.


The results of achieving power always outstrip the conscious intentions of those achieving it. We accept and USE this princeple to our advantage. By gaining power over our ability to love, to experiance passion, to surrender to more powerful forces, we


, of achieving what you want, will be one strategy.


Debord Film-maker


Personality is a conservative field. It is the unconscious aiming mechanism which guides an entire trajectory. It is the series of derivatives at zero which make up the motion of action of a person.

- Being a kinesthetic response, it is exactly a natural stopping point, the place of habit, return to routine. Explanations of "it's a matter of attitude" are no meant to be answered but to be followed.

And under some circumstances, it is justified by the need to have a guiding servo rather than being trapped in a loop of self-talk.

But over-all, we can do better. Having the means to duplicate the effects of personality is a key aspect of insurgent technology. We will be tricksters and we will duplicate our tricks.




Ah, Jappe's Debord. When one looks at the SI qua the SI, it is first remarkable, then pathetic.

And this is anything that looks at it with the personalism of the accomplishment of a person or person, this is anything that looks at it as the acheivement of small organizations, anything that does not take the widened perspective of both a possible revolution and a constantly widening revolutionary horizon.

Indeed, one point for revolutionaries to be satisfied with it that the longing revolution takes, the higher the kindling will be piled. While producing it's horrors, capital has no choice but to open the door to greater and greater possibilities.

Thus we continue to take the perspective of amusement, of lust, of a technology that allows to laugh more at the world up to the point we laugh last.


The method of detournement, as a single insight into the conditions of modern production, is both useful and incomplete.


The effect of the film Society Of The Spectacle is essentially a trance. But not a trance that is utilized. This indeed places the SI as a group which was capable of a single step but not of getting up and walking.


Detournement as a perspective on the production of art is purely controlling, purely quantitative.


The most obvious contradiction is that the SI talks about the return of the qualitative yet is unable to project even the emotional warm notable to








Ecstatic Intercourse

Our quest involves a situation where both understanding and mystery can increase simultaneously. And indeed, in this realm, these two can increase by increasing simultaneously. Of course, we are defining/creating the realm itself. But that's OK - indeed it is absolute historical necesity.









Perhaps have people seeking basic knowledge actually pay for basic skills. I would start with


Those interesting in our advanced techniques must contrawise demonstrate mastery. Rather than paying, they must show the ability to


What we are talking about first and foremost methodologies meant to be put into practice, tools that must be used.

The driving force behind these is the gap between is possible and what has yet been realized. Seeing the transformational implications in the largest sense of the intersection of apparently incapatible systems show you the ways to leap these gaps, creating apparently magical transformations. 


The goal of these tools is to influence others and to increase the openness of those influenced.


This continues the Situationist's ending of the static dichotomy between order and disorder. In the modern world it can now be seen that "chaos" is a non-quality. The "lack of a method" is not a method but the negation of a word.

It is impossible not to communicate. The only question is the



Some Tools

Word Maps

Concept word-maps


- Pleasure/Desire (see)

Complex Equivalence

As, causes, permits, allows, even more, makes, creates, lets, inspires, "calls to you," the more you..., see Magic - Charm


Yield, Surrender, open to, accept, indulge, enfolded, see experience of consumption


Connect, linked, joined, tied, bound, inter-locked, involved, related


Means, shows, signifies, symbolizes,.



Change, Transform, become, reshape, alter, transfigure, feel a rebirth, move, taken away

Increase: accelerate, grow, expand, gathering, build, mounting, crescendo, snowballing, explosion, bursting, avalanche, deluge, flood, see great desire.

Aware, desire, enjoyment possibility/internal
True, Distinct, distinguished, desireable


naturally, authentically really, true, honestly, Clear(ly), special, genuinely, sincere, pure, innate, legitimate,


exactly, precisely, simply,


freely, easily, comfortably, smoothly, cozy, effortless, lightly, delicately, subtlety, spontaneously, light-heartedly,


Unique, rare, original, new(ly), distinctive, characteristic, special, outstanding, 



Sensor terms: aroma, flavor, salty, bracing, brisk,




aware, attend to, contemplate, awaken to, feel, notice, rouse to,


curious, intrigued, fascinated, wrapped-in, engrossed, interested, spellbound, enthralled, mesmerized, hypnotized, caught, fixated, enthralled, obsessed,


Alluring, attractive, magnetic, appealing, mouth-watering,

Charm (Magic adj):

bewitch, enchantment, charm, fascination, entice(ment), tantalize, tempt, titillate, ravish(ment), ecstasy (ecstatic), intoxication,


Want: Desire and Appetite

Some words connote the simple excercise of choice, others an active desire, others



fancying, languish for, hankering for, hoping for, pining for, wishing, yearning, longing, wanting, incited to, moved, wanting, desiring, aching for, see choice


compelled, pulled by, urged, impulse, requiring, driven, see surrender


touched by, tempted by, called to, coveting,

Appetite for:

itching for, craving, appetite, lusting for, burning for, panting for, empty, unfulfilled, restlessness, thirsting for, unfilled, starved, ravenous, gluttony

Experience Of Consumption:

taste, savor, rejoice in, adore, relish, feast,


Consummated, fulfill, filled, satisfied, gratification, satisfaction, fruition, subdued,



Mild: stimulate, stirring, worked-up, agitate, restless, indulge, titillation, voluptuousness, intoxicated,

High - Desiring - strong

Arousal, excitement, warming, thrill, flush, fever, passion, rage, abandon, blaze, storm, burning, fervid, soak, wet, over-whelmed, rain, supercharged, boundless, riotous, see increase

Charge/Over-load: Tingle, tremor, surge, whirl, Shudder, breathlessness, charge, kick, flutter, jolt, rock, catch-fire, over-powers, drives-you-wild, stormy

Climax: climax, orgasm, come, rapture, explosion, frenzy, flood,


Pleasure, Enjoyment

Mild: please(d), tickle(d),  smiling (on the insider), exhilarate(d), gratifie(d), satisfie(d), taken with, cozy with,

Strong: revel-in, bask-in, wallow-in, delight(ed),  Over-joyed, thrill(ed), Beaming, glowing, radiant, enrapture(d), captivate(d), sparkling, laughing, rapture, beside-yourself, exultant, rhapsodic, bliss, carried-away, Pleasure, joy, euphoria, delight, enjoyment, glee, sunshine, elation, gaiety, dalliance

Love: Adore, cherish, prize, treasure, admire, regard, esteem, revere, idolize, worship, enamored, endear, infatuated, fond of, Affection for, melt for, devoted, smitten,

Pleasant, Sensual Object: sublime, sweat, voluptuous, sensual, Sensuous, luxurious (luxuriate), hedonistic,

Indulgence: Indulgence, gratification, pampering, codling, extravagance, dalliance

Sin: Foolishness, naughtiness, Sin, Mischief, waggery, scandalous behavior, badness,

Sinner: rogue, wag, trickster, devil, rascal, prankster, scamp,



Value, Important, and reframe - necesity/external


This entire sequence involves a series of synonyms/antonyms that are close to each other. Serious can imply desireable. Solem can mean serious serious, so solemn can imply desireable. But solemn can also be distinguished from series and thus imply undesireable.



Key contrasts
Solemn Vs Serious
Heavy Vs Light
Vital Vs Fatal




High, valuable, urgent, remarkable, momentous, serious (see gravity), vital,


importance, priority, consideration, significant, notable, merit, essence, see love


emphasize, accelerate, increase, underline,


weigh, solemnity, seriousness, judgement, sober, earnest, heavy, portentous, fateful, fatal;






Meat, heart, main, core, Flesh, blood,




Unity, Whole- holistic, Totality, togetherness, entirety, unity, oneness, completeness, fullness,
Embodiment, Substance, the body of it, the meat of it, substantial, essence, thrust,
Inclusiveness, exhaustiveness,
Complex, integration, sum,
Package, set, aggregate, bucket, bulk, mass,

- Freedom/Choice/Decide, intention (See Desire)

Freedom, liberty, liscense, looseness, "the will to be responsible to ourselves," unrestrained, permisiveness, abandon, licentiousness, wantonness, riotousness, wildness,


rights, permissions, VERSUS abilities, options.


(free versus constrained in) Will, choice, option, say, decision, consent.


space, field, Room, scope, latitude, way, manueving room, margin to work with (of error, etc,), clearance, space, elbowroom, leeway, tolerance, free play, free hand, swing, enough rope.


Openness, wideness, undeterminedness (see mysterious).


Independence, autonomy,


Choice, option,






Allow, permit, Fall-into,



Time, rhythm, timelessness, moment



Hmm, we can give Maps of reframes

- Money as illusion

- Money as possibilities

- Money as relation


Conscious-Unconscious Bridges


Collapsing anchors,

Degrees of dreaming - nights where you wake-up in the middle of a day, days where you so tired that you feel like things are a dream.



As-If Frames

KNOW - Partial Versus Complete


One value that I be imposing is the ability to learn exact mathematical theories at the highest level of abstraction.



Understanding how a powerful tool like recursion compares with an elegant tool like functional decomposition.



This activity is the mapping of social fields. It unifies the political and the social.

- Part of it involves utilizing the boundaries between different systems.


- Another key aspect is the relational digraph of meanings/relations/associations.

Our material existence is the unfolding of the world around the tendencies of these associations.

Both our physical impulses and the physical world go into creating the result.

Situations create a hierarchy of signs. Language has one hierarchy of meaning. But in all of these cases, you can transform relations by taking a different particular item as the top or the bottom of the hierarchy.


- Our over-all activity could be called resituating, reframing or transfiguring.

This can be the transformation of the limits of money into the possibility of community, the transformation of fear into desire, or any point where material possibilities are held back back by social relations.


The Use Of Tools

Historical Development


The development of revolutionary theory was handicapped by the non-existence of an exact theory of communication. Scientific communication theory reached it's perfection in Shannon. The exact methods embodied in cybernetics and related perspectives were generalized by Bateson and thus through to Bandler and Grinder.


Just as much, the Freudian abortion stood as a handicap to the development of an exact understanding of the relation of psychology and material activity.


Anyone who doubts are adherence to historical materialism should note how much more exactly materialist the theories of NLP are compared to any theories of "Marxian Freudianism," much more rooted in the princeple "all decisions are constantly being remade."


The capitalist rat-race move at a continually faster pace, challenging, demanding and requiring a more exact, and detailed understanding of our social relations. This transformation creates both resources and lacks [see other section].






Historical Unfolding

- The unfolding of history implies of the transformation through incomparability. To experiance ecstatic changes of reference is to be in harmony with the unfolding of history.


- Our activity is continually surrendering to the transformatio of conservative fields. The field of exchange and the field of moral value each are fundamentally untenable at different levels. We neither feel an urge to feel bad about a bad world nor the urge to get what we pay for.

The obvious formulation that two people can be strangers or lovers is the most immediate statement of the non-conservation of valuation.


- Our formulation is highly abstract but not based on mysticism. The creation of a general understanding of the transformation of fields of reference is a product of both the evolution of alienation and efforts at it's negation. But hardly in a straight, instantly digestible form.


- The unfolding of this analysis is the both the creation of values and a surrendering to new possibilities. Our trick is to situate are activity so that the compatibilities

This is seizing opportunities,


- The union of passionate individuals is the opposite any conservative equality, any equality presenting a limiting, defined field of properties.

The progress of capital has engendered the need for such a power, such a dynamic, and such quest, both through the production of possibilities and of lacks.


A successful transformation involves a series of apparently paradoxical qualities.

- The intersection between two distinct orders, two fields, creates a world with the potential for manipulation and transformation absent the limiting/valuing qualities of either field by itself.

- Patience and acceptance: An attentiveness to the larger order that makes such intersections. Such intersection both happen by definition and are rare by definition. Thus allowing things to come to you is a key aspect of the

- Audacity. Be willing to step to the boundaries of a field in order to get past it. To know that the limits of a field may be mental rather than inherent.

- Widening your with attentiveness to goals. The field of operation required to actually get to an ultimate goal is wider than the field required to do a given action which some might suppose will get you to the goal.


I think it's good to really believe that what I'm doing is totally in harmony with my higher beliefs. Creating values, possibilities and passion simultaneously. I.E., I'll inspire someone to be my lover and while I have more influence on them than I did, they also have more choices in their lives than they did. To become more open to influence and more influenced by openness.



The Situationists


Perhaps we may compare the Situationists actions to an effective seduction. By evoking the most intense feelings of a period and then refusing to give rise to a digestible form, the SI helped to provoke a more powerful upsurge.


But the mysticism of taking this as an absolute was exactly what prevents a repeat of this - not Situationist Theory, but effective theory, must be an effective prank.


Evoke, challenge, and take-away - those approaches which involve leveraging the qualities of a person - are the domains of effective action.



The Creation Of Passionate Moments


The princeple of not being a preacher is not to call for a behavior unless you can offer a method for accomplishing that behavior.

For us, Nothing is contemplative. We aim to reliably reproduce the ineffable.

The key is the paradigm of open research. Only by inviting other, implicitly or explicitly, into our



A program of accelerated inspiration. "To allow her to be seduced anyway that she chooses."


These tools are about




Differences That Make A Difference

Those who might mention the similarities of either Situationists programs to Malcolm Maclaron or our program to raves miss more than anything the quality of the totality on which everything else pivots.


The key of pivoting is that the largest possible frame shifts. Thus those who fail to understand the totality muck around in the details of method. 



The Crusifixion Of The Guru - Gurus Without Followers

We have no aim to abolish the field of power. We rather to disolve it. Like the other fields we study, power as a static field implies a conversation of hierarchy. An increase in power one person's power is measured as a decrease in another person's power.


We aim at the opposite, we aim at the







The Epicurian Club( Earlier Work)


- Dedicated to the idea that human being consistute the single most amazing set of possibilities open to ourselves.


- Human possibilities have not been grasped by present society as the field on which progress can be made.


- The human existence is found in the material, sensory world. The understanding, enrichment and perfection of our sensory experiance is a key aspect of the total enrichment of our existence.


- Only by being willing to transform ourselves can we gain mastery over the entire range of energies around us. And only by gaining mastery can we transform the energies within ourselves.


- Our project naturally must be inspired by the richness and diversity of primal, tribal people. By it cannot be effort to capture or simulate these experiances.

As denizens of the modern of the modern, we must begin creating traditions specific to each phase history we are a part of. And this involves coming to terms with the absolute destruction of the past which is the juncture we appear in.


- Human beings are not atomic, unreactive creatures. We influence each, create each others meanings, in more ways, on more levels, than our "conscious" minds are capable of recognizing.

We can recognize this reality on the meta-level and begin our transformation spread inside and outside. That is, at any level we are at, we must be willing to accept powerful transformations on levels we do not yet understand. Indeed, we might imagine that the higher we progress, the more levels we take input from.


- Is the goal, samadhi - total letting go?, is the goal a rich experiance - a rich orgasm? Is the goal unending adventure advancing to subtle levels? Is the goal to act correctly within the larger harmony of the earth.

Perhaps the goal is to have an attitude, a beginning, that puts all these within reach.


- We do not shy away from power but seek avidly. Power, though, is the sense of being able to get what is truly worthwhile. This is as simple as gaining resources, gaining time for self development. But as complex as gaining worthwhile interactions from others.