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This is the beginning of a project to adapt to the feed using something other than a publication that has measured and digested the state of the world. Rather, we will be sailing with the winds of this feed while using the compass of a total critique of the conditions of today - this compass being the essence of the critique political economy.

Prologue To All Media Scripts

Media moves faster than conscious minds can encompass. This video is a stream of voice, sound and images moving into your awareness. My tonality changes more subtly than the conscious mind can

Modern media does not create itself from nothing, rather it modifies and circulates it’s sounds and images.

If we want to start questioning everything, we must consider how much we are within an orbit of media already.

[View Of Suburbia, pans and stills]
- The possibilities of change begin here, where life is impossible.
The break with the stasis of existence is where the change of life begins.

[Some action shots]
- The illusion of change is what maintains our conditions of stasis.

[Shot of machinery or something]
- Capital is integrated on the levels of the impossibility of life.

Anti-Media Leaflet

Critique Of Eugene Anarchist Media

1. The problem is that most media projects have accepted the form of media system and only tried to change the content of existing medai.

But the form, the medium, is a large part of the complete relation which media is a part of.
Consider some aspects.
- TV and Radio create a division between spectators and performers/stars.
- And reproduced media todday takes up a stimulus-response system. The spectator is a human reduced to the stimulous-response level. The spectator has no obligation.

Sexuality, Repression and Imagery

- Images and processes are most vital when there’s an immediate, articulatable need within my whole situation. This gives vitality versus the deadness of merely recapitulating a laundry-list.

- “Hystories” certainly shows the extent that sexual repression (in particular, as well as the general repression of desires) plays in ideologies of conformity.
Using sexually charged images might be an excellent means to come to grips with this entire spread of non-thinking.
Obviously, there are a number of things to balance. Certainly, a hysterical action for a particular person can appear as a disease seeking cure. Yet when this same thing has a social framework to act-out in, the behavior may last forever.

Human existence in “the small” reverses the tendencies of groups and system. The human head has “anti-gravity” aiming systems within it. The human will can be the decisive factor within an entire feedback process – like say driving a car. The human will doesn’t just controll the in-organic factors, like the engine but the visual and kinesthetic processes within a person.
This somewhat reinforces the illusion of will as the agent of change in the large.

Now, the point is that “freeing impulses” is restoring the functioning of these systems. Still, these impulses aren’t “the will” but the doors which are open to the will.

Indeed, the whole of the “revolt of the middle-age man” book was framed within the context of sexual repression – the need for repression is the presupposition of the book.

Now, the `problem of repression seems well defined. You have misery caused by a blockage. The blockage is happens as an “aiming process” are miscalibrated. An aiming process involves an organic feedback process. And this can be a pretty subtle. Physical feedback generally goes wrong.
Repression can be solved in the sense that by utilizing a frame a person is in, you can cure many illnesses and change many beliefs. Humans are in a collective frame of repression with any number of things today, from AIDS to activist ideology. The trick is that dealing with collective processes results in

All the miscalibrations of modern life aren’t actually “frozen” but still orbitting within a lower energy level.

To find a “North-West Passage,” an existing communication method which allows people to jump to those potentially existing, higher, more powerful energy levels, this is would be the detonation device for the world’s potential energy.
Of course, describing my goal impacts my means and vice-versa. One never really starts neuterally.
Some armaments could be framed with NLP: pace, lead, challenge, reframe, presuppose, attain commitment. Ellen’s challenge and my further research certainly leads me to renew my feeling of sexual repression being a key to both political ideology and the immediate alienation of dailly life.

Within medicalization, the play of special terms and vocabulary is powerful.
Another war chest would: Play, Theater, Mystery and suspense, social circles and exclusivity. Control and surender. Hmm, one aspect of all these is that

Inadequency, Dispair, Fear and Anger are interesting. I’d rather reframe them away within the tool chest.

An interesting phenomenon is how most people’s apparent models of the world aren’t models but spirals towards a particular emotional reaction. The guy Milton from the last meeting was sort-of like that – he was a case. He was seeking a kind of opposition and when he didn’t found, he’d mention someone’s comment in the past or even magazine articles as what he was mad and flailing about.
Of course, no one had an obligation to deal with such stuff. But someone had delt with it, they might have started by echoing exactly what Milton was opposing. Or agreeing with him, “you don’t have to listen to us, Milton.” Some Feminist theory is horrifically irrationalist. But Milton didn’t challenge that aspect – indeed he only attacked stuff for not being “socialist feminism” – his approach had “self-centered” like most madness.

The universal experience is to float between two dichotomies, achieving a dynamic balance based on a possible future. Or oppositely, to fail and be caught within one or both dichotomies, fixating or madly alternating. A combination of energy and balance allow the process of floating. Energy is lost over time, so balance is the key aspect. Energy goes up and down over a day and over a person’s life and over the life of a project. Balance allows floatation without energy. Still, one utilize both balance and energy.

Project Mangle

Ideas Improve, progress implies it

Project mangle aims to turn the entire order of popular music outside down. Cast as one or another kind of “rebellion”, today’s music is essentially a more and more finely honed technology of control.
Whereas popular music uses contemporary events, dazed youth control and “attitude” as it’s raw material, Project managle uses popular music as it’s raw material.
Naturally, project managle aims to disrupt the total of popular rock music, with stardom and fandom among the first items to be torn to shreds.

Still, we may produce sounds and events to focus the process of decomposing popular culture. Naturally, there are number of subversive projects which any partisan of project Mangle can immediately engage in.

- Cover popular songs: The creation of fucked-up cover song without acknowledgement
- Modifying electronic systems for reproducing popular songs.
- Running together multiple songs.

Project mangle is a part of that rush of liberation felt by small children, by rioters, by improvisational musicians and all rushing beyond boundaries. Project Mange is more specific by aiming to comandeer the machine of conditioning and play wonderful tunes with it’s death-rattle.
Beyond any single technique, the spirit of project Mangle is the liberation of sound, of methods and of categories aims to create a potlatch or orgy of free expression.

Aufheben Chiapas Article Review

Once again, the magazine Aufheben combines serious theoretical chops with serious theoretical research in an article on Chiapas. This isn’t saying that I totally endorse this article or the entire Aufheben approach. Aufheben has something of a habit piling on so-much research that often stop short of any conclusion.
Also, Auf has charter a course something “between autonomism and the ultra-left.” Being essentially in the ultra-left camp, I find this makes them half-right.
Anyway, the article’s massive history of Mexican dissident movements is worth-it for it’s own sake. Once Auf gets to the Zapatistas, it’s hard to see all of the research relates but some is key.

Important points auf raises in favor of the Zapatistas:
- The zapatistas were an off-shoot of a Maoist group the FLN. But the Zapatistas also have taken a lot from indigenous culture and processes.
- The indigenous communities have undoubtably developed a powerful community of resistance through the Zapatistas, something they didn’t have before.
- The zapatistas have been hemmed-in by the Mexican army from nearly the beginning of their struggles. This means that most EZLN activity has consisted of the base community simply surviving and fending off attacks.

Points I’d disagree with Auf on:
* My impression is the EZLN’s alliances with the left have been more than vague, even if the rhetoric has been vague. During the Mexican encuentro, Marcos offered the EZLN to be the armed wing of the PRD. Many folks who align with the left walk-away empty-handed like the EZLN. That doesn’t prove they haven’t fully aligned themselves with the left but that the left isn’t too good an ally.
* It’s somewhat ridiculous saying that no one knows where that international encuentros will lead. The left is today is about as predictable a force and is virtually guarenteed to wheel out it’s manipulations and confusions. Trying to create revolutionary potential out of a gathering of leftists is like trying to grow corn on uranium tailings.
In other places, Auf fends off some of the EZLN/Cleverite fog around the EZLN as “new form of activity.” With their comment about the encuentro, they falling into this however. They may mean the phrase “no one knows where they’ll go” rhetorically but giving any credence to mystical-democratism as a practice is undesirable.
This isn’t saying that nothing good will come out of the encuentros. Just nothing unpredictable or revolutionary. The mass of leftist will certainly support the Zapatistas and they will be doing something “good” – good but not challenging world capitalism.

Points that perhaps could have been made clearer in the article:
++ Contradictions can be maintained when you aren’t doing anything. The EZLN has some direct self-management aspects and some capitalist aspects and some reformist/bureaucratic programs. Since few or none of these are being put into effect, all these impulses can co-exist as impulses or point on a platform.
If the Zapatistas were gaining territory and fighting directly with the government, these contradiction would have come in the wash. EZLN territory would have to have an economy and the form of that economy would determine what form the
++ Revolutionaries support all oppressed people. Revolutionaries support those fighting the system. But basically we don’t provide much material help since authentic revolutionaries are few and far between. Everyone gets critical support.

The EZLN are struggling to avoid state terror and to retain their autonomous communities. The world wave of leftist publicity and sympathy has protected them in this defensive struggle.

Reform is fighting for a gain, reformISM makes an ideology that gain can only happen step-by-step and under permanent capitalist institutes (unionism fits this framework in a most cut-and-dry way but Leninism often falls here as well).
The EZLN fights for reformism and certainly flirts with reformism. Zapatista villages have strong aspect of direct action and self-management.
Whether they would really be reformist could only be decided once struggle.

Brian And Ruth Christine

Brian and Ruth Christine’s children were stolen by the State Of Oregon. These children are Miriam, 3, Lydia, 4, and Bethany, 6.  Oregon CPS real reason for removing these children from the Christines was because the Christines were poor and they lived a life-style that State disapproves of. This is now common
On August 2nd, 2001, The Christines took the deperate step of retaking their children from the state of Oregon. This happened at a time when it had become obvious that they would never see their children again if with the children left with the state of Oregon. Obviously, they were also willing to risk being jailed for the rest of their lives. Today, any family with little money is subject to the Oregon CPS’ terrifying ability to remove children without due process, without desputable-evidence and without consideration of the desires of the children.
Many people are aware today of the state child welfare departments acting with dictatorial power over families. Many other people have heard horror stories of families abusing their children – some of these are true and some exagerations. A bit of research will tell you that scaring people around the issue of child-abuse has become big business for the government and private consultants.
Today the government isn’t just corrupt and violent. Our government is terrorizing poor families at a time when all the economic growth that has left many people poorer than before.
There is a war going on right now.  The rich seek to crush the poor. This government is still very afraid of average people becoming aware of this war. It is even more afraid of us acting together outside of their control. If ordinary people together take more and more direct action to take control of our lives, the state will soon be unable to stop us.
The child-stealing war has gone hand-in-hand with the drug war and the internal “wars” of America. This system aims to jail and terrorize people into submitting to growing control of corporations and the rich over our daily lives.
Individually and collectively, many people taking the step of challenging the authority of the government. Some take these steps out of desperation, others hope to end the rule of the present regime. What we believe is that when a oppressor acts with terror and impunity, the just and courageous step is take up struggle against and oppose this oppressor. By this measure, Ruth and Brian Christine are heros in their struggle for own lives.
Sadly, Ruth and Brian were aprehended soon after they took flight. This certainly means the Christines will need our support even more. Public statements of support for Brian and Ruth are one critical part of supporting the Christines today.
We do not pretend to agree with the Christine’s conservative, Christian outlook. We don’t have to. What important is to realize that we are all together subject to the iron heal of the state.

The Christine’s position will be better for everyone who support their cause and for everyone who shows their willingness to take control of their own lives.
Like the police and the corporations, the tactics of child stealing agencies aim to divide ordinary people. The media is one tool they use. The press is able to focus on the embaressing details of any person’s life and thus slant their coverage. This is powerful tool that is often used against ordinary people.
“Children’s advocates,” social workers and others who pretend to speak “in the name of the people” are another important tool here.
Despite this, more and more people can see the awful repression coming out of the present system. More and more people, rural or urban, conservative or radical, can see that the god money rules the present world. And more and more people are acting to resist it. The rule of money is on the job, in our neighborhood and more and more creaping into our homes.
When we begin acting together to stop this, the system will be powerless to stop us.

The more people from different backgrounds that can unite in their opposition to the acts of the state, the more difficulty this government will have in maintaining it’s reign of terror.

This leaflet was produced independently from the Christines and their supporters. It seems to inspire support and action. Down with the system